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Liane Anderson, founder of 'L Does Nails', is UK based qualified nail technician, specialising in nail care and design for a variety of clients, including celebrities.


Manicuring has always been more than just painting nails; nail design is a way for Liane to express her creativity on ten miniature canvasses. Clients are able to wear their manicures with pride and always have a part in the design process. Liane welcomes those who have a theme that they want to capture on their nails - the challenge is what enthuses her.


Liane provides nail care and design from an exclusive salon in central London. Home and office visits are available and no event is too big or too small.


Clients include:

The Royal Horticultural Society


Cantu Hair


Tom Ford

Publications include:

Blackhair Magazine

Disorder Magazine

Citizen K Magazine

Two Magazine

Rough Magazine

Bloom Twins 'Blue' - Music Video


London Fashion Week

London Collection Mens

Session manicuring

Corporate events

Pamper parties for adults and children

Nail design workshops



Contact Liane to make an appointment or to receive a quote for your event.



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